Declared the Fastest Mustang: P-51 H

A P-51 H Mustang in flight

Introduced into production in June, 1944, the P-51 H Mustang was made to serve in the supposed final battle against Japan during World War II. But this single-engine, single passenger P-51 was not able to put into use its improved Rolls-Royce Packard Merlin V-1659-9 engine for the war ended earlier before it could engage in action.

The fastest Mustang, P-51 H, has a fuselage length of 33 ft 4 in, height of 13ft 8in, wingspan of 37in, wing area of 233 sq ft, and gross weight of 11,054 lbs. Also, it has a cruise speed of 380 mph, max speed of 487mph, and can fly up to 41,600ft.

Bob Chilton took up the first P-51 H in February, 1945. Along with the long-range P-47 N, the P-51 H was intended for the invasion of Japan. Some were issued to operational units in the Pacific before V-J Day, but none entered combat. 555 of the P-51 H model were built before the program was cancelled in 1946. In Korea, the heavier and stronger P-51D model was preferred.

P-51 H Mustang on display